• What does work mean to you?

      Countless days spent occupied with work.
      Which is precisely why work should not just be something you do to put bread on the table. Work must be something that is meaningful, something that is fun. This is what we believe.

      So then, what is meaningful? What is fun?

      Meaningful work is work where you can make a difference in the world.
      Fun is working towards achieving a goal along with your independently engaged colleagues in an unforgiving business environment.
      That is the style of work we aim for at ISAO.

      Extraordinary colleagues, engaged in extraordinary work. Moving towards ISAO's mid-term vision "bring joy to work around the world."
      Extraordinary work requires an extraordinary work environment: flat and casual.

      Flat and casual cannot exist in an organization split into people doing the work and people managing the people doing the work.
      Whether you are a new recruit or a senior employee, you must adhere to ISAO's strict policy of "no bad moods allowed."
      The ideals of no hierarchy and no management are embedded in this new type of organizational structure known as "Super Flat."

      We believe the most important promise that ISAO has made to its employees is the following.
      As long as you are in ISAO, we will provide an environment that challenges you and allows you to grow.
      A work environment where you can grow and be challenged.
      A shared view that failure is the proof you have challenged.

      How many challenges you take on and how much you grow is entirely up to you.
      ISAO is going to challenge the world, and this is your chance to challenge your own potential. Are you up for the challenge?

    • A new career, one of life’s most important events.

      Leaving student life and entering the workforce. Moving onto life's next stage.
      The lost two decades have passed. Japan has entered into a period where lifetime employment is no longer guaranteed, the future is uncertain. In today's society, every one of us must survive by being an individual that makes a meaningful contribution to that society.

      How do you decide what company to work for?
      My recommendation is a company that provides an environment where you can grow to your max potential.

      From JAPAN! Create services that move hundreds of millions of people.

      ISAO gathers people who have the passion to create and deliver radical new services that will change the world from Japan.
      Each and every member increases their expertise in becoming leaders in their fields. Leaders gather together, creating the ultimate team that makes the ultimate service. That vision is ISAO's vision.
      The difference between traditional Japanese organizations and ISAO is obvious.
      A Super Flat organization is one that has no hierarchy or middle management. There is not a single senior employee at ISAO who has simply been promtoed with age while acting like they were too good for some types of work. And even for new recruits, bad moods aren't allowed.
      Age, gender, education, and nationality do not matter. A Super Flat performance based philosophy.
      "Open, Challenge, Bonds"
      Creating services for the world in a new business culture not present in your typical Japanese organization.

      Finally, let me talk about those who would be a fit at ISAO and those who would not.

      Keywords for people who would be happy at ISAO
       ーChange the world
       ーValue-based connections

      Keywords for people who wouldn't be happy at ISAO
       ーMaintain the status quo
       ーExisting business
       ーNeeds rules
       ーDeny responsibility

      A career does not begin with an employer choosing an employee; it begins with them choosing each other.
      To those who would describe themselves using the keywords for people who would be happy at ISAO, and are badasses who refuse to be held back by the constraints of regular Japanese companies:
      Come on in, the door is open.

    • CEO/Managing Director Keiji Nakamura



Regardless of whether you are a new or recent graduate or even an experienced professional, ISAO is focused on recruiting talented members all year long.
If you’re passionate about creating services that make the world more fun and also looking to improve your skills, then you should apply with us.

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